Police Believe Found Kittens Were Tossed Out of Vehicle in Maine

Animal Control Officer in Sumner says two of the found kittens have died

A litter of four kittens was recently found on the side of a road in Maine, and investigators believe they were thrown out of a moving vehicle.

A woman in Sumner discovered the kittens near Route 219 and Gammon Road last week. Two of the kittens died.

"I don't care if it takes me years to find out who did this," said Animal Control Officer Ozzy Hart, who is investigating the case. "If i can prosecute them, it makes my day."

Hart said even if he can't prove that the perpetrator tossed the kittens from a car, simply leaving them by the side of the road is crime.

The two surviving kittens have very different outlooks.

One of them is blind, unable to walk, and possibly suffering from neurological damage. She has been named Boo.

"When we see this situation, it just hurts us to the core," said Stephanie Mains, the President of the Cat Coalition of Western Maine. Mains is caring for Boo, and the CCOWM is paying for her medical bills.

"We're not really sure what Boo's long term is going to be," said Mains.

The other kitten walked away from the abuse uninjured.

"She's a little survivor," said Kelsey Sellman, at the Taylor Brook Animal Hospital in Auburn.

Her rescuers have named her Lucky.

"She's going to make a really good pet," said Sellman.

On Tuesday afternoon, Lucky was discharged from the hospital after being spayed and vaccinated. The woman who discovered the abandoned kittens in Sumner has adopted her.

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