Man Overdoses in the Back of a Taxi Cab in Manchester, New Hampshire

The man survived

Police in Manchester, New Hampshire, responded to a call for a man who overdosed and passed out in the back of a taxi cab.

According to police, Jack Anderson, a driver for Queen City Taxi, called 911 after his passenger passed out in the back seat of the cab.

Anderson pulled his cab into the parking lot of 2175 Candia Road when he noticed the male passenger was slumped over and unconscious in the back seat.

Officers arrived on scene and treated the man for an apparent heroin overdose.

They administered Narcan and were able to revive the man.

He was transported and treated at a local hospital.

Police arrested Jonathan Bijole, age 34, of Manchester, New Hampshire, for possession of a controlled drug.

Bijole was in possession of a hypodermic needle and small cylinder that tested presumptive positive for heroin.

He will appear in the 9th Circuit Court in Manchester on Friday.

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