Man Stopped at Logan Airport With 9 Throwing Stars, 2 Daggers in Carry-on

The man told officers at a TSA checkpoint at the Boston airport that "he mixed up his baggage," the agency said

A collection of throwing stars, daggers an apparent arrowhead that were found at a TSA checkpoint at Boston Logan International Airport Sunday, Aug. 21, 2022.
TSA New England

A man with a dozen sharp weapons in his bag at Boston's Logan International Airport this weekend was informed that he couldn't bring them in his carry-on bag, according to the TSA, in what the agency deemed a "#travelfail."

An image of the weapons shared by TSA New England Monday shows a wide variety of throwing stars, with between three and eight points, a couple with decorations inscribed around the center. There were also two daggers, one with an intricately designed hilt, and what appeared to be an arrowhead.

Officers at the airport found the weapons in the man's carry-on bag Sunday, the TSA said.

"He stated he mixed up his baggage," the agency wrote, adding that state troopers "escorted the man back to the ticket counter to properly place these items in his checked bag."

The TSA didn't say where the man was going or what the blades were for.

Lufthansa Flight No. 403 was en route to Frankfurt when it made an emergency landing Monday night at Boston Logan Airport.
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