Beverly, Mass. Couple Defends Pole-Mounted Solar Array

A man and woman in Massachusetts are defending their free-standing pole-mounted solar array from neighbors who can’t stand the sight of it. 

Beverly residents Lola and Richard Eanes say the solar array, which sits near the center of their long driveway, has cut hundreds of dollars off their electric bills.

"For instance, in the first six months of last year we had no bill no electric bill," said Lola Eanes.

Some of their neighbors hired an attorney to prevent a building permit for the array from being awarded about a year ago, but were unsuccessful. 

Now that it's up, not everyone is happy with it.

"It's definitely affecting property values," said Beverly resident Mary Downing. "No one wants to look at that."

There are no laws on the books in Beverly about ground-mounted solar panels, but the city is currently working on a proposal that would limit where solar arrays can be built in residential neighborhoods. 

Lola Eanes says it's completely within her power to keep the solar array exactly where it is.

"I could see if it's blocking someone ocean or lake view but it's not blocking anybody's view," she said.

Neighbors who have complained say they are looking into other ways to fight it.

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