Estranged Wife of Man Wanted for Questioning in Father's Death Speaks Out

The estranged wife of a Massachusetts man wanted for questioning in the death of his father is speaking out against her husband's arrest and past.

Police in Blackstone have yet to question Glenn Armstrong in connection to the death of his father, 83-year-old Walter Armstrong.

Rachel Armstrong is still living in fear even though the man she's afraid of is now behind bars "because he's irrational when he gets to that point because he doesn't have an inclinations as to when to stop - he just acts."

She hasn't seen him in years, but police came to her door this week to look for Glenn Armstrong, whom she now knows is a person of interest in his own father's murder.

"I'm just very sorry that this had to happen to him," she said.

Glenn Armstrong was found in his father's truck in New Jersey Thursday evening shortly after his father's body was found in their Summer Street home.

Rachel Armstrong said she has experienced his violent behavior first hand, including while she was pregnant, and the abuse led to their separation.

Since then, he's served time for assaulting a bartender, and police say he's also made threats to kill a president. Authorities have yet to charge Glenn Armstrong with killing his father Walter.

Glenn's estranged wife said she doesn't need charges to know her fears are justified.

"I watch over my shoulder to see if he's around because I don't want that run-in with him, especially if I'm alone," Rachel said.

Glenn Armstrong still needs to face a judge in New Jersey before being extradited to Worcester County on an unrelated warrant. It's unclear if he has an attorney.

The investigation into whether he killed Walter Armstrong is ongoing.

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