Woman's Body Found Burned on Dirt Road in Dighton, Massachusetts

Authorities in Massachusetts say the death of a Dighton woman whose body was found burned on a dirt road on Nov. 18 is not believed to be suspicious.

Police were called just after 8 a.m. to the area of Anderson Street in a new housing development called Hunters Hill.

The body, identified as 47-year-old Tracey Hunter-Montinat, was discovered on a dirt road beside the housing development by a neighbor, according to police. Based on interviews, examination of physical evidence and the scene, the Bristol County District Attorney's Office said her death does not appear to be of a suspicious nature.

An autopsy showed that Hunter-Montinat was not pregant, though she had told several people that she was pregnant and was going to be induced to give birth on the day she died. She died of smoke inhalation, but a determineation of the manner of her death wont' be released for weeks, until the toxicology reports are completed.

Hunter's body was found burned about 15 feet away from her car - part of the vehicle's interior was also burned.

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