Bruins Fans Predict Sweep, Set Sights on Game 2

Boston sports fanatics have their heads up high and are confident the Bruins will snag another championship for the Hub as they predict the B's will win the Stanley Cup in a sweep.

Fans are still gushing over the team's 4-0 victory against the Carolina Hurricanes, which allowed them to advance to the final.

"Dude, the intensity they came out with was unreal," one fan said "Like I said, I was nervous. A lot of down time."

The Bruins are leading the Stanley Cup Final against the St. Louis Blues 1-0 after Monday night's win. Prior to that game, the team hadn't played for 11 days. The bears weren’t hibernating, however.

"You know, it’s an 11-day lay off. What do you expect from the team, coming into the series after 11 days off ? Sluggish atmosphere. Crowd was dead, then the Bruins got that first goal and it was like right back into it," another B fan said.

They're back like they never left.  Fans are drawing Bobby Orr comparisons.

"That huge hit by Krug? Loved it."

With the city on fire and full of excitement, fans are now shifting their focus on Game 2.

"Oh my gosh, the city is crazy. That’s the best part. It’s just so fun to be here," one fan said.

Although the city is buzzing with joy, fans still acknowledge that the Bruins have a tough opponent.

"I think Kuraly going to have a game for sure, but I’m really hoping Chára steps up," another Bruins fan said. "We need a big D-line there for the St. Louis guys. They’re a tough team for sure."

Some die hard fanatics are already making some bold predictions.

"Actually, I’m gonna project they’re going to sweep in four," one fan said confidently.

"We're going to pull one out man. We’re going to pull it out. It’s going to be four games," another fan agreed.

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