Boston Community Fights to Save Special Education Program

A Boston school committee is meeting to keep hundreds of special education students from being sent to a different building.

Just before Wednesday's meeting, a rally took place outside as the McKinley School community fights to save its program, currently located in the South End.

"I've seen amazing progress in him," said Angela Wright. "He doesn't like change. So for them to move him is going to be difficult for him."

She says her son, Aaron, has been thriving there.

The school focuses on students with special needs.

The staff just learned days ago that the district wants to raze the building, construct a new facility for the Quincy school and move McKinley to a different location that hasn’t been identified.

McKinley supporters urged the school committee to rethink the plan Wednesday and keep McKinley in its central location where it has formed ties with its neighbors in the South End community.

Superintendent Tommy Chang promised McKinley would only move to a location that meets or exceeds its needs.

McKinley will remain in its current location in the South End for the next school year, but after that, it's anyone's guess where it will end up.

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