AG in Discussions With Boston Grand Prix About Failed IndyCar Race Refunds

This comes as some ticket-holders for the canceled race still wait to get refunds

Sources say the Massachusetts Attorney General's office has received calls about the lack of refunds for the failed IndyCar race and is in discussions with Boston Grand Prix.

This comes as MassPort plans pursuing legal action against IndyCar to pay for the costs to store plastic barriers in Boston's Seaport district, weeks after the cancellation of Boston's Grand Prix race.

IndyCar had a month lease and paid MassPort through June 1, but the barriers remain.

Meanwhile, the Boston Grand Prix CEO is now in talks to possibly organize another race as some ticket-holders for the canceled race still wait to get refunds.

Boston Grand Prix tells necn they are working diligently to provide those refunds.

Jack Gately, who is waiting for a refund, said, "It is disappointing and I'm worried for the city because we should be doing these things that move us out of our comfort zone."

Thursday, the attorney and spokesperson for Boston Grand Prix released a statement saying in part, "BGP CEO John Casey is in discussions about holding another race for Boston that could help pay the refunds and, although we are hopeful about its prospects, it is too soon to provide specifics."

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's office also released a statement reading, "The city will not be entertaining any other race proposals from John Casey.”

It added, “The city was assured by Boston Grand Prix that any money collected from advance ticket sales would be held in a separate account until the race was finalized, however it is clear this was not the case."

Speaking to Radio Station WRKO Friday morning, Walsh said he's not in favor in holding another race to pay for the refunds.

He said, "I don't know how you pay back people from running another race in the city."

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