Boston Pops Show Draws People from Across the Country

To celebrate the 4th of July, spectators came from near and far to take in the Boston Pops fireworks show.

Some, like Randy Kamin, who is visiting from Dallas, Texas, have watched the show on television for years and traveled to Boston for the first time to see the spectacle.

“I have watched every year for fifty years so just to be here, see the Pops, of course the finally of the 1812 overture, the cannons, the fireworks. That’s worth the trip,” Kamin said.

Closer to home, Joe Garcia has watched the show from his residence in Worcester for decades.

“After 50 years I figured its was about time, so I’m here with my grandson and my son and we’re just going to spend the day playing chess,” he said.

The main strategy throughout the day was to remain cool. Some concertgoers read, while others slept, before the show.

"We knew it was gonna be hot. We knew there wasn't gonna be lots of cloud coverage, so we did as much as we could. We brought the umbrellas, lots of cold water, lots of ice, things like that," said concertgoer Isabella Collins.

Organizers also urged people to stay hydrated.

With people coming from coast to coast, it’s the red, white and blue that united them along with seeing the Pops rock out at the half shell.

“We come to the half shell every year, so, it’s amazing. We have a good time,” said Bethany Lond, who brought her grandmother to the show for the first time.

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