Red Cross Volunteers Help Those at Coast Bracing for Another Storm, More Flooding

Resource centers opened Sunday in Marshfield, Massachusetts to help those still dealing with the mess from the last nor'easter and to help people face this next storm head on.

Coastal residents are bracing for another storm in the midst of cleaning up their already damaged homes.

While it’s been more than a week since the South Shore was battered by a nor’easter, the clean up continues.

"It’s kind of a mess right now," said Sarah Duxbury, whose summer home was damaged by the storms.

Duxbury came to the Martinson Elementary School Sunday, telling her story to the American Red Cross volunteers.

"Gone through a bout of 12 or so high tides all coming over the sea wall, which doesn’t normally happen," she said.

Supplies like mops, brooms, and bins were donated by the Salvation Army so people like Duxbury can take them home to try to continue cleaning up their homes.

"We’re fortunate that we don't live there full time and I feel bad for the people that do and have to find elsewhere to live," Duxbury said.

Red Cross volunteer Bonnie Norton says it's been a lot of work.

"It’s been tiring at best but we’re happy to keep going for as long as we need to go," Norton says.

With disaster relief trucks parked outside the school, volunteers are hoping their efforts help, but victims of the storms can’t help but think about the next nor’easter on the radar and what impact it might have on the South Shore.

"Just don’t know," Duxbury says. "It’s Mother Nature. Try and be safe."

South Shore residents are hoping for more snow than flooding.

The volunteers wrapped up Sunday but said you can head over to RedCross.org for more information on receiving help. 

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