Drought Conditions Prompt Water Bans in Mass. Towns

With drought conditions across the Northeast, several Massachusetts communities are putting restrictions on residents to try and conserve water.

In Wrentham, red signs line the streets that read: "Phase II Total Water Ban in Effect." The town has issued a complete ban on outdoor water use. Nearby towns like Attleboro and Plainville have restricted outdoor watering to one day a week.

The limitations are having an impact on lawns and landscapers who make their living off of keeping things green.

"It's a huge concern for us. It slows down everything," Colin Goin of Landscape America said. "People aren't even able to water the plants they just had put in so it makes landscaping in general very difficult."

Goin said they cannot mow over brown grass because it would make the already distressed worse. Until the drought ends, they are mowing what they can and providing other services like spraying for ticks.

One place there is water is Big Apple Farm in Wrentham, which has an irrigation system operating off of private wells and ponds. However, they too are conserving having almost run out of water during a drought last year and it can have an impact on the crops.

"If there's a dry spot they'll slow down so you get a little smaller apple," owner Jon Morse said. "But dealing with mother nature is what we do."

Both Morse and Goin said they want the same thing, for the heat to stop and the rain to fall. They say the thundershowers lately have not been a huge help, and are instead waiting for a few days of soaking rain.

Until more rain falls, the water ban will remain in effect in Wrentham. Residents who are caught violating the ban could face a fine.

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