Holy Cross Reacts to Pope Francis Speech

Adoration and reverence for the world's first Jesuit Pope from the Jesuit community at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Dozens of students and faculty gathered together Thursday to watch Pope Francis deliver a message to Congress many here felt our politicians and the country needed to hear.

Holy Cross junior Brooke Tranten said, "I really liked how Francis framed the importance of the family in American society, of the natural family, of what the family really is and how it's under attack."

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Peter Fritz said, "You could see the division in Congress, he spoke against the polarization that often haunts our political scene, or defines our political scene, but I think he did a good job being non-confrontational."

Many felt it was important to gather together to hear the Pope's speech to be able to continue the exchange of ideas in their classrooms and in their lives.

Holy Cross freshman Maya Collins said, " It really ties into my course that we're doing because it's about exploring differences in disability and poverty and so being able to listen to it with all my classmates to tie it into our class was really cool."

Assistant Chaplain Father Michael Rogers said, "I think students do feel a connection to this pope not least of which because a lot of them have had Jesuits in class."

And the speech held special meaning for the group of students and faculty who will be traveling from here this weekend to Philadelphia to attend the Pope's mass at the World Meeting of Families.

Holy Cross senior Lillian Daley said, "This makes me even more happy that I get to go to Philadelphia, his message was so uplifting, he really inspired us to work on issues that are a big challenge for us."

Assistant Chaplain Karla Alvarado said, "Getting to sit here and experience the address with the community here at the college was really powerful and I can only imagine what that's going to mean for the millions of people we're going to be with when we arrive in Philly." 

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