Man Charged in North End Stabbing Held on $1M

Anthony Spinelli, 44, of Leominster, was charged with armed assault with intent to murder

A Massachusetts man accused of stabbing another man in Boston's North End Tuesday has been ordered held on $1 million bail.

Anthony Spinelli, 44, of Leominster, allegedly stabbed a long-time acquaintance.

Bobby Pirelli, the 50-year-old victim, survived and is recuperating at a hospital.

"He's still not out of the woods 100 percent but he is, you know, he's going to make it," said sister Julie Pirelli. "He's in so much pain, he's curled up in the hospital bed, he's very, very weak."

Police say the attack happened inside the victim's second-floor apartment on Tuesday. The two were having a conversation when, according to police, Spinelli suddenly attacked with a knife.

The motive for the crime is unclear.

"He's pinned down, has a pillow on his face at this point by the defendant, the defendant has a knife in his own hands, the struggle ensues," said Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Catherine Ham at Spinelli’s arraignment Thursday.

Pirelli was able to pull an alarm and that scared Spinelli away. He was later found hiding behind a shed in Revere.

Spinelli was a high school football star in Leominster back in the 1980s and would later claim he was sexually assaulted at a recruitment camp by Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State Assistant Football coach who would face similar allegations from many men in the widely publicized scandal.

"He was a good prospect," said Steven Passarello, one of Spinelli's Pennsylvania attorneys.

He believes Spinelli's criminal troubles began because of those alleged encounters long ago.

"After he went to that camp is when he started to go downhill," said Passarello, who spoke to necn by phone.

In court Thursday, prosecutors said Spinelli has a lengthy criminal record including a conviction for manslaughter.

Pirelli ended up with stab wounds to his neck, arm and torso.

"Being Christmas, we brought him a little Christmas tree and we're going to have Christmas there with him," said Julie Pirelli. "That's the best present I got, was having him OK."

Spinelli is charged with armed assault with intent to murder. He was ordered to stay away from the victim and the scene. Bail on an open OUI in Winchendon was also revoked.

His next court date is Jan. 17.

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