Neo-Nazi Posters Found on Boston University's Campus

The posters were found at numerous locations on campus

The Boston University Police Department is currently investigating who is behind the posting of Neo-Nazi and other racial fliers on campus.

According Boston University spokesman Colin Riley the posters are being removed as soon as they are reported.

The posters have slogans such as "Black Lives Don't Matter" written on them are have appeared across the campus, including in dining halls and study lounges.

Riley also said similar posters surfaced last year but the person behind those fliers was out of New Jersey and has since been disbanded.

The new group who is listed on the posters as "the Atomwaffen Division" is unknown to BU.

The President of Boston University, Robert A. Brown released a statement informing the public that the BU Police Department is "investigating the circumstances relating to the posting of these ugly placards in order to determine what actions we may take under law."

Brown also said if the culprits turn out to be BU students, the university will " take action that is consistent with our established rules of conduct."

Similar posters have also been spotted on MBTA bus shelters across the city.

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