No Bail for Boston Road Rage Homicide Suspect

A man accused of shooting and killing a man in the parking lot of a McDonald's in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood during a road rage incident has been held without bail. 

Deonarine Ganga, 29, appeared before a judge Thursday in connection with the April 13 shooting death of 21-year-old Joey DeBarros outside of the McDonald's on Gallivan Boulevard, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office. 

Ganga was already in police custody on previous charges when he was charged with murder. 

Officials say Ganga was the passenger of a vehicle that blocked in DeBarros’ vehicle. During an argument, Ganga allegedly drew a gun and fired multiple shots threw the window, hitting DeBarros. 

DeBarros was taken to Boston Medical Center, where he later died. 

The car allegedly occupied by Ganga left the area, but witnesses provided investigators with a description of the car and a partial plate number. That information led investigators to review earlier records, which revealed that the car was registered to a Dorchester woman associated with Ganga. 

Officers arrested Ganga outside of his Dorchester resident on April 14 on unrelated charges stemming from an incident when he allegedly displayed a gun during an argument with a customer at a business. 

Ganga is due back in court on June 16.

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