No Injuries Reported After Ferry Runs Aground

U.S. Coast Guard confirms the ferry in Lynn, Massachusetts, shows no signs of distress

The U.S. Coast Guard confirms a ferry ran aground near Lynn, Massachusetts, Wednesday evening.

There were no reported injuries among the 13 passengers and four crew members on board the Boston Harbor Cruises ferry, according to authorities.

Coast Guard also said there were no signs of distress with the boat, and that it was not polluting.

Steve Deveau, a passenger, said people on board were a little startled when the ferry very abruptly stopped by the Tides Restaurant in Nahant, but there was no panic. The ferry was stuck for an hour and a half. According to Deveau, Boston Harbor Cruises hasn't offered refunds, but did take everyone's name and addresses.

The ferry has since made it to port in Lynn.

"Last night's grounding incident aboard Boston Harbor Cruises' Cetacea, is the same vessel that became entangled during a Whale Watch on July 29th.  The captain operating the Cetacea was not the same captain involved in the entanglement incident.  In transit on the 7:15PM departure from Boston inbound to Lynn the Cetacea grounded on sandy bottom on the right side of Lynn Channel.  There was no reported injury to the 10 passengers or 4 crew and no reportable damage to the vessel.  The grounding occurred during the height of low tide and the vessel refloated with the incoming tide one hour and 45 minutes later and returned to the Lynn Ferry Terminal at 9:40PM, 90 minutes after her scheduled arrival.  BHC collected contact information of all 10 passengers and will be issuing gift certificates to each. 

New England's largest passenger vessel operator, Boston Harbor Cruises operates 44 vessels on 338 scheduled departures each day.  Boston Harbor Cruises takes safety very seriously and all of the captains and crew undergo routine training.  The Captain in last night's incident has been with the company for over 20 years with a perfect safety record. Last evening's grounding during low tide was unfortunate and embarrassing, however we are thankful that the 10 passengers and 4 crew members were not hurt.  

As always we will work with and await the finding of the investigation of the Coast Guard to determine cause."

-- Statement from Boston Harbor Cruises

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