Elderly Man Pistol Whipped During Home Invasion in Canton, Massachusetts

Canton police said the suspects were looking for one of the elderly male victim's relatives

An elderly man was pistol whipped Tuesday morning during a home invasion in Canton, Massachusetts.

Three men forced their way into the home of an elderly man and his wife in an apartment complex on Aboretum Way during a search for a relative of the victims. Two of the suspects were allegedly armed, and one of them pistol whipped the male victim.

"Lots of yelling, lots of screaming, lots of fighting," described downstairs neighbor Jacqueline Saunders. "Sounded like they were running back and forth throughout the apartment."

The suspects — two of whom were described as wearing blue hoodies, while the other wore a black hoodie — left with some personal belongings after they attacked the male victim.

The victim’s daughter, who lives next door, told NBC Boston she buzzed the suspects into the building, because they told her they were new residents and didn’t have their key.

She said when the three men got to her parent’s door, they pushed it in, attacked the couple and ransacked the home before taking off in what’s believed to be a Chrysler Pacifica with four occupants, according to police.

The daughter, who did not want to be named, only knew something was up when her father came to her door for help.

"He was banging on my door and when I went to the door I saw him all bleeding and all cut from everywhere, the head, his whole face was a mess," she said.

Canton suspect vehicle

The daughter believes the suspects entered the home with the intent of looking for her brother.

Her father was hospitalized with serious but non-life-threatening head injuries.

"I’m just glad that he’s doing you know, he’s well, that he’s alive," said the daughter.

Neighbors are stunned by the vicious attack on the couple in their 70s.

"To know that someone put their hands on the elderly, that’s like really disgusting to me," said neighbor Ida Bozeman.

Family members say the male victim has a broken wrist, and several stitches to his head from the lacerations he received. His wife is still being evaluated for chest pains.

Canton police are working with Boston police to identify the subjects because of the similarities between this incident and another in Boston earlier this month. State police also confirmed that they were asked to assist at the crime scene.

Anyone with information is asked to call Canton Police Sgt. Paul Gallagher at 781-828-1212 or Boston Police at 617-343-4328.

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