Push for Support of Boston 2024

You can count Mayor Marty Walsh as unfazed by reports that the U.S Olympic Committee may be about to pull the plug on a balky Boston as its candidate for a 2024 U.S. games.

Walsh seems confident the city and state can still be persuaded to get on board.

"I certainly think that there's an opportunity here for us in the city of Boston to push forward on this bid," he said. "I don't think there's been a true vetting of what it means to bring an Olympic games to Boston, and I think that a lot of work still has to be done to right this ship and correct this and to have a good discussion around what the Olympics can mean for the city."

"What people want is information, and it's our job to deliver it," said former interim U.S. Sen. Mo Cowan.

Cowan heads Boston 2024's community outreach efforts.

"We're full speed ahead trying to make the case the Olympics is good for Boston, good for Massachusetts," he said. "The U.S.O.C. is our partner, and we feel very confident in that relationship."

Cowan spoke at a CEO breakfast in Boston where Boston 2024 chairman John Fish acknowledged, they need to listen better for what people want out of an Olympics.

"The whole Olympic conversation is truly about your vision for your city's future and the commonwealth's future, and once you've established that vision, does the Olympics fit into it?" asked Fish. "Because if it doesn't, there is no reason why we as a community should host these games."

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