Surveillance Video Shows Taunton Rampage Suspect Assaulting People in Mall

Surveillance video newly released by the Bristol County District Attorney's Office shows part of last month's attacks in Taunton, Massachusetts.

The footage, from the Macy's jewelry department, shows suspect Arthur DaRosa going on a violent rampage.

First, he goes up to a store employee and punches her. The 65-year-old woman was knocked to the ground.

Right after, witnesses started to hug one another.

Another look at the department store video shows the 28-year-old attacker shoving a second woman in Macy's before he takes off.

Just moments before all of this, DaRosa slammed his car into the store's glass doors - a moment that was not caught on the surveillance cameras.

The footage also does not show Myricks Street, where DaRosa stabbed Patricia and Kathleen Slavin, a mother and daughter.

Patricia Slavin sadly died.

It also doesn't show the Bertucci's where he attacked pregnant waitress Sheenah Savoy, and hero George Heath, before he was ultimately shot and killed by off-duty deputy James Creed.

Heath also was killed.

Terrified shoppers can be seen on video running for their lives. Soon after, a swarm of heavily armed police officers can be seen.

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