Trump's Comments Continue to Cause Fallout on Campaign Trail

Republican strategist Pat Griffin says Donald Trump knows exactly what he said, referring to a comment Donald Trump made Tuesday at a North Carolina rally.

"If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks," Trump said. "Although the second amendment people — maybe there is — I don't know."

Many interpreted the remarks as a threat against Hillary Clinton. The Secret Service even reportedly spoke to the Trump campaign and outrage came quickly from the Clinton campaign.

Griffin was also outraged.

"A candidate who has to keep taking back or cleaning up the things he says, an hour or two or three hours later, is not someone who should be sitting with the nuclear codes," Griffin said.

New Hampshire state representative and Trump campaign adviser, Al Baldasaro, says he thinks Trump was rallying up the troops on the Second Amendment merely urging 2nd amendment voters to take grassroots action to defeat Clinton.

"My reaction, right off the bat, was here we go again — the liberal media is grasping on every straw they can," Baldasaro said.

Griffin responded that, "It's always the liberal media but they're not doing it all by themselves."

Still, all this continues to put Republicans on defense.

"It sounds like just a joke gone bad," said House Speaker Paul Ryan. "I hope he clears it up very quickly. You never joke about something like that."

Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association just made its biggest donation yet to Trump with a $3 million ad by calling Clinton an out-of-touch hypocrite.

Former Connecticut Congressman Chris Shays and Maine Senator Susan Collins have now been added to the growing list of Republicans who say they won't vote for Trump.

"That's the old boy network," Baldasaro said. "Those are the ones who are screwing this country up big time."

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