NBC Boston’s Chris Gloninger Reports From Texas Amid Cleanup

Volunteers are working around the clock in Texas to begin the rebuilding process following widespread devastation from Hurricane Harvey.

NBC Boston meteorologist Chris Gloninger reported from a community in Katy, Texas, Friday, where debris to be cleaned up lined sidewalks. 

Gloninger met up with the Southern Baptists Convention, one of the largest groups volunteering during the relief efforts.

The Barker Dam filled beyond capacity and overflowed into surrounding communities. Electricity was cut Thursday, changing plans for those who thought they could ride out the damage.

The water in Katy will likely stay in place through Sept. 7.

Contamination in the water has caused a public health concern. In addition to debris in fuel spills, raw sewage has been released in the water.

Gloninger and NBC Boston photographer Cary Patton flew into Dallas on Sunday night and then made their way to the Houston area.

They’ve spent the week covering the lasting damage caused by the storm and speaking with people who are trying to being the process of rebuilding their lives.

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