Communities Left to Clean Up After Major Storms

Severe thunderstorms devastated Tewksbury, Mass. neighborhoods

The damage left behind from Tuesday’s severe thunderstorms was devastating in some Tewksbury neighborhoods.

“You could hear the thunderstorm rolling in and then all the sudden torrential downpours from our house for here you couldn’t even see across the street it’s just the rain was coming down so hard and then we saw sparks flying from the pole getting broken down,” said resident Pete Willgohs.

And when it was all over, left behind were giant trees were uprooted, others splintered in half, utility poles snapped like twigs and power lines dangling and twisted like yarn.

Willgohs says the thunder and lightning was unrelenting.

“It was bolt after bolt, just every few seconds I was hearing another one,” he said.

Just around this corner, the clean-up continued after a home was hit hard by a tree knocked down in the wind and rain.

Cherilyn Mitchell was inside with her mother-in-law and two young boys.

“They were in the dining room, I was in the back bedroom when it hit the house and the whole house shook and the lights went out and it was pretty scary, the boys were really shooken up,” said Mitchell.

Her son, Jason, said excitedly, “It sounded like Godzilla!"

NECN asked, "Were you scared?"

He answered, "Mmm, not that much.”

In Lawrence, families living in this triple decker felt like the sky was literally falling, as their ceilings caved in under the weight of the rain water.

“It was water everywhere, everywhere,” said Angelica Garcia.

“I’m worried about that it’s going to fall down, which I hope it doesn’t because the third floor they already did fall down, so hopefully it doesn’t happen to this one,” said Cristian Garrcian.

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