Mass. Man Pleads Not Guilty to Murder of Brother

Michael Dowjat of Holden is charged with stabbing younger brother David Alan to death in his Rutland home

Sixty-five-year-old Michael Dowjat of Holden, Massachusetts, faced a judge Friday, charged with stabbing and killing his younger brother his Rutland home.

Dowjat was arrested Thursday by state and Rutland Police. DNA evidence at the scene led investigators to arrest him.

"Biological fluids that were found at the crime scene of the victim's house, they were tested and they are a match to the defendant," said Assistant District Attorney Terry J. McLaughlin.

Dowjat told police he had not seen or talked to his brother in years. But using a GPS, police discovered Dowjat's cell phone was located near Alan's home on many occasions, including June 8, the day he was believed to have been killed.

The 59 year old was found dead in a bomb shelter beneath his home after Rutland Police were called for a wellness check.

Even weeks later, many in Rutland are stunned this could happen.

"I've lived here since 1946, and there's never been that kind of stuff going on," said Rutland resident Robert Matson.

"It's just a very small town, and it's very shocking to hear that there are murders here, because we just don't ever expect it," said Joyce Mascroft, who works in town.

Police confirm the two brothers had a rocky past. Allan had a restraining order against Dowjat several years ago. It was requested by their late father.

Dowjat's attorney says he is in poor health.

"He has a very significant heart disease, he's been on a respirator twice in the last five or six years," said attorney James Reardon. "He's not in good health."

Dowjat pleaded not guilty. Reardon says he may ask for bail because his client needs his heart medication.

"I understand the Rutland Police do have his heart medication, and he needs that on a daily basis," said Reardon.

Dowjat was held without bail and will be due back in court July 29.

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