New Hampshire

Parents and Authorities Concerned Over Needles at Hampton Beach

A day at the beach for one family in New Hampshire turned dangerous when they came across a syringe typically used for injecting drugs.

North Hampton Police say it happened on Friday. Some kids found a hypodermic needle on the walkway to the State Beach. What’s worse is parents are learning this is the fourth time it’s happened.

“He’s always picking things up, putting them in his mouth and exploring new things, definitely very nerve wracking,” said Manchester mom Christy Burke as she held her young son Landon.

Burke and her friend live in the Queen City where they say splash pads and city parks are littered with hypodermic needles.

“All she does is play with rocks and pick things up so that’s very scary,” said Sabrina Trevino about her two-year-old daughter, Demi.

They come to North Hampton State beach to escape, and now, in one of the most affluent beach communities on the seacoast, they’re facing the same troubles.

“I didn’t think it would come over here, I thought it would be more inner city problem,” Trevino said.

Police say it started in March with six syringes found near a park bench along the coastal walkway.

“I’ve been living here 30 years and it’s getting worse and worse each year,” said Hampton resident Elaine Nickerson.

Someone also found a hypodermic needle across from the Beach Plum on the break wall and last month, outside a business on Lafayette Road.

Over the weekend, that group of kids found the needle on the walkway leading to the State Beach.

“The children found it, they told the mother that was with them, and called the police department,” said Chief Michael Maddocks.

While some older kids know just what to do, parents of toddlers say their children wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up.

“She eats sand, seashells, rocks, whatever she can find she will put in her mouth,” said Stephanie O’Hearn about her daughter Kayleigh.

After this news, these moms say days at the beach will have to change no matter where they are.

“Shoes are going to stay on and I’ll be making sure he’s not out of my sight looking at things,” Burke said.

Police want parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of touching these needles and warn them to alert an adult if they see anything suspicious.

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