Year in Review: 2014 in Politics

Beginning with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh being sworn in, New England's political world was eventful in 2014.

It's been a busy year in politics - 2014 began with the inauguration of a new mayor of Boston. Marty Walsh promised an era of inclusive and transparent leadership.

The Massachusetts State House also prepared for new leadership as Gov. Deval Patrick began to wind down his eight years in office - the primary featured a hotly contested Democratic race, with Attorney General Martha Coakley beating out Treasurer Steve Grossman and former Obama Medicare Director Don Berwick.

Former Harvard Pilgrim CEO Charlie Baker had an easier time beating Mark Fisher in the Republican Primary, but then had to battle it out with Coakley, who went into the general election with a double-digit lead.

Baker created the most talked-about moment of the race a week before the election, when he broke down in tears during the final debate.

On election night, Baker won by less than two points.

New Hampshire's U.S. Senate race was also a close one, as incumbent Jeanne Shaheen beat the former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts Scott Brown. It was Senator Elizabeth Warren who defeated Brown in 2012, and by the end of 2014, she's become the most talked-about possible Democratic Presidential candidate for 2016 aside from Hillary Clinton.

As Gov. Patrick prepares to return to private life, he, too, is getting questions about his political future.

I asked President Obama weighed what he thought of a possible Patrick candidacy back in March when I had the opportunity to interview him at the White House.

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