‘One of the Best Christmas Presents:' Vt. Family Reunited with Missing Dog

Klark the dog had been missing for a month before her family got an unexpected call Saturday, saying she had been found

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A Vermont family that had worried for a month about a missing pet got an early Christmas gift, which they said will make the holiday a lot brighter.

“Christmas Day is going to be a very happy day,” beamed dog owner Taylor Wisnowski, looking at her dog, Klark, who she was reunited with this weekend.

“It’s definitely one of the best Christmas presents I could ever ask for,” Wisnowski told NECN and NBC 10 Boston. “I really couldn’t ask for anything else right now. I love that dog more than anything. She’s my little baby.”

Klark had been missing since November.

It seems there’s a break in the underground invisible fence at the Wisnowskis’ home in East Middlebury, Vermont. Because Klark is part hound, her owners suspect she must’ve followed a scent.

“I called every police station and humane society probably in a hundred miles,” Wisnowski said, recalling the days that followed Klark’s disappearance Nov. 21. “I put posters up—just nothing. There was nothing until this weekend.”

Saturday, a month to the day after Klark vanished, Homeward Bound—the humane society for Addison County—called the Wisnowskis saying their dog had been found.

According to a Facebook post from Homeward Bound, Klark made her way into the second floor of someone else’s barn and managed to get stuck. That building’s owner discovered her only when he happened to hear barking, the Facebook post explained.

“She’s our little Christmas gift,” said Klark’s grandma, Missy Wisnowski, who believes her daughter’s dog now looks to be about 15 pounds lighter than before she went missing.

Missy said she lost her husband, Jim, this month to cancer, adding that she thinks somewhere, somehow, he helped this reunion happen.

“And I just kind of think [Jim] knew we needed something to put a little brightness back in our day and in our lives, and I think that’s why she’s home,” Missy Wisnowski said of Klark’s sudden return.

With Klark’s brightness now back, the family said it plans to fix that invisible fence and shower their adventurous dog with Christmas gifts and treats.

“She is very, very, very loved,” Taylor Wisnowski said, petting Klark.

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