Pats Fans React to SportsCenter's Tweet

And they were not happy

While Pats fans celebrated the win against the Buffalo Bills Monday night, ESPN's SportsCenter sent out a controversial tweet filled with football and video camera emjois.

Fans took to Twitter to react to the tweet, criticizing SportsCenter for alluding to Spygate, the scandal from 2007 where the Pats were disciplined for videotaping the New York Jet's defensive coaches' signals. 

Some reactions on Twitter included:

  • "@SportsCenter delete your account"
  • "@SportsCenter #professional"
  • "@SportsCenter are you serious?"
  • "Screenshots live forever @SportsCenter"
  • "@SportsCenter your professionalism is below zero and you have zero credibility. You're embarrassing"

SportsCenter later sent out a follow-up tweet clarifying that it was alluding to the numerous replays and length of the game - not Spygate.

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