Police Investigate Unlocked Vehicle Robberies

The incidents have taken place on residential roads in Braintree, Mass.

A Braintree woman thought she was going to have a relaxing day, but that quickly changed when she walked out the door on Friday.

"At 7 o'clock in the morning, both doors were open and everything was scattered everywhere," said Denni Storzewski.

Someone had broken into her car, and her husband's, as well. The thieves took a purse, binoculars, headphones and tools.

"They have my license," she said. "Thank God the social is not on there."

The break-in on Rita Road is one of at least 11 that police in Braintree are investigating. In all cases, small items were taken, including money, iPpods and phones.

In each case, the car doors were unlocked.

"Vehicles that are unlocked are easy targets, so I would encourage my friends, family and neighbors to keep their vehicles locked," said Paul Hamilton of Braintree.

The police chief put the warning out on Facebook. He says when it comes to car thefts, a locked car is often passed over for an unlocked one.

Storzewski says that she usually locks her car, and that she will next time.

"We learned a valuable lesson," she said. "Nothing was damaged, the car is fine and everything is replaceable."

Police are asking for the public's help, hoping anyone with information will give them a call.

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