Possible Meteor Lights Up Night Sky

Many people in New England saw a possible meteor zip through the sky late Friday night.

AFP/Getty Images

Just after 9:30 p.m. on Friday, people from all across New England reported seeing a bright streak across the night sky.

The bright flash was spotted in Boston, including by some fans at Fenway Park, as far south as Rhode Island, and as far north as Maine.

It’s likely the bright streak was a meteor, or a piece of debris entering Earth’s atmosphere. Many people refer to meteors as “shooting stars.”

The debris could be from Halley’s Comet, which is the source of the annual Eta Aquarid meteor shower. The peak of the Eta Aquarids is early on May 6, but meteors are often spotted within a few days of the peak.

It’s unclear if any debris reached the ground, or if it disintegrated while in the atmosphere. So far few pictures of the likely meteor seem to exist, but if you think you caught it on camera, please share it with us: shareit@www.necn.com. 

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