Possum Porch Pirate Makes Off With Package in Conn.

A woman in Fairfield, Connecticut, says the hoop earrings she ordered were taken by a possum, and she has video to prove it

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We have seen our share of porch pirates, but here's a new one — a woman in Fairfield, Connecticut, says her hoop earrings ended up in the wrong hands, and she's got the video of a possum pirate to prove it.

"I was so looking forward to them to these nice chunky hoops," Besty Lockhart told NBC Connecticut.

Lockhart had just ordered her new earrings over the weekend, a Ross-Simons Amazon deal. But when Alexa told her they had arrived Monday night, there was nothing at the door. That was when she checked her home security camera video.

"We just saw this little pirate possum just coming in and grabbing it, and he moved over to the side chomping on it," she said.

This pirate possum made off with her hoops!

A possum in Fairfield is caught on camera stealing a package off a porch that left the homeowner wondering what happened until she looked at the security footage.

"And my husband went out with a flashlight to look through the yard," she said. "No sign of it, so wherever he lives he took it."

Lockhart says after doing some sniffing, she realized this particular thief had already been seen on her camera staking out her porch on Sunday. Now a day later, Lockhart says her friends are helping close in on the case. They've even come up with a wanted sign and another poster that shows the possible jewelry collection the possum could possess.

While she says she's taking the theft in stride, Lockhart says it could have been much worse.

"I'm glad it wasn't my Yankee swap gift that I bought for this weekend, because I'd be embarrassed to say what that was. I'm sure the possum would be embarrassed to open it," she joked.

So thanks to the possum she's now named Jack Sparrow, Lockhart says she may just end up with a better deal than she bargained for.

"I feel like I have some possum-related or gold hoop gifts related in my future. Wouldn't be surprised," she said.

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