Rhode Island

4 Chalices Stolen From Catholic Church Recovered by Police

The chalices were stolen from a church in Rhode Island

Police say they have recovered four chalices that were stolen from a Roman Catholic church in Rhode Island.

The chalices were taken from on Tuesday afternoon from the sacristy at Saint Rocco's in Johnston. A video camera in the church showed a man entering in the afternoon and leaving a short time later carrying a bag.

Police were able to identify the man as 63-year-old David Ferrara, of Providence.

They say their investigation led the recovery of the chalices, which have an estimated value of about $10,000, although one of them was broken into several pieces.

Police were still searching Saturday for Ferrara.

The Rev. Angelo Carusi had said two of the chalices were ordination gifts and the other two had belonged to priests he knew who have since died.

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