Riding The Roller Coaster

Heavy slant to cooler temps in the coming 24hrs. While this quick jab of cold air is nothing new, it's going to sting a little by Saturday.

Winds will herald the arrival of the chill tomorrow. Gusts could top 30mph in many spots as morning clouds shrivel by afternoon. Highs will actually top out in the mid and upper 50s in Southern New England -  respectable and above today's values - before hitting the brakes and going in reverse tomorrow night.

Big news on Saturday morning will be the chance for Boston (Logan Airport) to reach the freezing mark for the first time this season. It's several days later than the average, but hey, given the lack of any REAL cold in North America, it's a significant feat.

Speaking of, I'm marveling at how mild it's been across most of Central Canada, Alaska and Southern Nunavut. A lack of snowpack, blocking in the upper atmosphere and an overall warming of the atmosphere from climate change have altered and delayed the gradual transition to winter. Without any strong harbinger of change, we should finish the month of November on a mild note across the Lower 48.

In the short term, the warmth will surge back by late weekend, and we could once again flirt with 70 degrees in some spots by Monday.

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