Sticky Snow Will Cause a Lot of Headaches for Commuters

A meltdown of sorts today, but just as soon as we get our footing on some milder air, it's pulled out from under us with another storm.

As of this typing, the energy for the storm is zipping offshore to deepen our low pressure. Evidence of that was in the form of thunderstorms in Connecticut this evening - switching the rain to snow there. As this energy feeds into the developing storm, the changeover will be abrupt and slide south.

In the Western mountains of Maine, where it's been snowing all day, amounts are already up to 6-8 inches. The snow is like concrete according to area weather spotters, and there might be scattered power outages in spots.

Here too in Southern New England. While the changeover may be quick, the stickiness of the snow and the slow accumulation will cause a lot of headaches. We'll also head to freezing by morning, so any untreated roads will become slippery overnight. Be careful on the morning commute!

Sun and melting are back tomorrow as arctic air is completely out of the picture in the short term. In fact, we'll do even more melting over the weekend as some spots reach the 40s - or even 50s in Southern New England.

Storms are out of the picture too. Seems the focus will again return to the rain in California in the long term.

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