Temps Take A Dip

On this ominous 5th year anniversary of the mighty EF3 tornado that struck Massachusetts, we also acknowledge the start of hurricane season and meteorological summer.

So this means warm weather is the standard from here on out, right?

Um, not quite.

Although we meteorologists observe the calendar months of June, July and August as the warmest of the year, there are always growing pains. June can be a stinker of a month (as we found in 2009) and it doesn't always go according to plan.

That said, I don't see a soggy, chilly month ahead. I do see some near-term "setbacks" however. One of those is tomorrow with the cool east wind and heavy cloudcover. Oddly (for a moist wind off the water), the sprinkles will be few and far between. Even when the front crosses, the showers/storms will be limited and weak. The reason here is because the flow of deep, tropical moisture is cut off by a small low pressure system in the Carolinas....and that certainly isn't coming up our way.

So we'll watch another weather system cross New England without a numerous, beneficial showers. It's not until Sunday that we'll get a decent chance at a soaking rain across New England.

Until then, keep watering the lawn...that is, if you're allowed.

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