The Heatwave is Here

On average, Boston hits the 90s 13 times during the summer

Today marks the fourth time Boston has hit or exceeded 90° this year. On average, Boston hits the 90s 13 times during the summer. It appears likely that we will be halfway to that number once this heatwave breaks. We hit a couple of record high temperatures in New England. Burlington, Vermont broke a record at 94°. Several locations in Maine broke records in Caribou and Millinocket (91° and 93° respectively) and Bangor tied its record of 91°. In Boston today’s high temperature was 92° - tied for the second warmest day of the year (so far).

For central and southern New England this will likely be the second heatwave of the summer. Our first, if you don’t remember happened in mid-May (during that heatwave, the heat peaked at 95° in Boston). Northern New England will likely miss out on the third day of heat. We’re tracking a slow moving cold front. In fact, if you live or know someone in the crown of Maine – the heat ends tonight!

That front slowly drops south through the day on Monday and into the day on Tuesday. By Tuesday night it should exit the region and we will experience much more comfortable air. Monday for most of us will be the hottest day of the stretch. High temperatures will reach the middle 90s and it will be very humid. Remember your hot weather safety tips: stay hydrated, avoid caffeine and alcohol, exercise early or late and wear light colors, loose fitting clothes.

Tuesday we will have to keep an eye to the sky. The ingredients are setting up for strong to severe thunderstorms. Before the storms form, central and southern New England will likely hit 90°. Tuesday may feel just as warm as Monday because of the high humidity. Severe thunderstorms may produce damaging wind and hail. These storms will have a TON of lightning. Be sure to have a plan B to your outside plans.

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