The Other Spring

The Other Spring

Remarkable turnaround this afternoon: from winter-white to super-bright. Snow was melting before the sun broke through the clouds. Lots of blue skies finished the day with highs making it into the low and mid 40s.

We're about to see the ugly side of spring in the coming days. You know, the one where the cold and gray seem to last for days - and do. A warm front won't be able to make up its mind as it enters New England on Wednesday. As a result, we'll sit on the milder side of it at first, then the cold and miserable side of it late week.

Expect our highs to leap near 50 tomorrow and Wednesday, but with Northern New England falling on the cool side of the front, 40s will have to do. Then, as the front sags to New York City on Thursday, eveyrone's highs will slump back to the 30s and 40s. Showers will be numerous enough to keep the roads wet, but scattered enough to keep it from a washout.

After a rainy finish to the workweek, we should be able to manage a decent weekend...or even a mini warm up. Don't be fooled, however. Long range charts are trending cold into early April. If you're looking for those 70s to come springing back, take a number and sit tight.


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