Tim Kelley Logs 3 Record-Breakers

Sunday, Boston added enough snow to give it the highest total since record-taking began in 1872. But for necn meteorologist Tim Kelley, that's not such an unusual occurrence.

Tim has been with necn since the station's inception on March 2, 1992. Since then, he has now logged three record-breaking winters.

The first entry was March 4, 1994, when a "Backlash snow," like Sunday's, dropped 1.3 inches in Boston. That left the city with 89.5 inches for the season, breaking the old record of 89.2 inches, set 1947-48. Ultimately, 96.3 inches of snow fell that season.

Just two years later, on March 8, 1996, 10.4 inches fell over two days after a very snowy week. That brought the total to 100.3 inches for the season. That season ended with 107.6.

Sunday, a mystery snowfall observer at Logan International Airport reported 2.9 inches of snow in just two hours! It was a furious backlash from a storm that dropped more than 15 inches of snow in Maine.

What will the final tally be this season? In the 1994 and '96 seasons, about 7 percent was added after the records were broken. The weather pattern for the next few weeks looks colder and snowier than normal, so we could get close to 120 inches in Boston before June 30.

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