U.S. Marshal: “He Killed His Parents, What's to Say He Won't Kill Again?”

Law enforcement released new information this week on fugitive Matthew Dion

New details are being released as law enforcement officials continue their nationwide search for fugitive Matthew Dion, accused of killing his parents and setting their house on fire earlier this year.

"Matthew Dion killed his parents," U.S. Marshal David Cargill told NECN on Thursday. "What's to say he won't kill again?" 

The 39-year-old is being sought on state and federal warrants. He is wanted by Manchester, New Hampshire, police on two counts of second degree murder, arson and possession of child pornography, all stemming from the March arson fire and homicides of Dion's adopted parents, Robert and Constance Dion. Shortly after the bodies of Robert and Constance Dion were found in their home, when it became clear that Matthew Dion had fled the state, Manchester Police and U.S. Marshals obtained a federal arrest warrant for the charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

"It was devastating," said neighbor Ed Kinney. "It's in the past we have to get through it and just cant get through it until that's taken care of."

Kinney was close friends with Dion's parents and says Dion grew up with his daughter.

"Matthew used to play with our daughter all the time, we would babysit him all the time," Kinney explained.

Despite extensive efforts by local and federal authorities, Dion's whereabouts were unkown for several months. Investigators believed he may have fled to the Atlanta, Georgia, area, where he lived and worked from the mid-90s through the early 2000s.

Investigators said this week that they received several breaks in the case in September.

Information was developed that Dion had contacted a longtime friend. Information from that contact led investigators to the Atlanta area, but they found that Dion had once again disappeared.

Also in September, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office received a handwritten letter that appeared to have been authored by Dion. The letter included additional clues as to Dion's travels, and was postmarked out of the Atlanta area and dated Sept. 10. In the letter, he alluded to being suicidal.

Then on Sept. 17, the white Nissan Altima Dion was believed to have been driving was located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Law enforcement in Florida were able to determine that Dion had been living in St. Petersburg for several months under the alias Cameron Rowell. Sometime in late May or early June, he befriended a 19-year-old man and his girlfriend and made an agreement allowing him to live in his vehicle, parked outside the  home where the man lived with his mother. He was later allowed to use the residence as well.

When the mother noticed several hundred dollars missing from her bank account and suspected Dion, he fled, stealing the woman's car, a silver Hyundai Elantra with the Florida registration G673WH, as well as a .38 caliber handgun and other items.

In a strange twist, Cargill says the New Hampshire Attorney General received a handwritten letter from Dion postmarked from the Atlanta area that same month, giving investigators an idea of his whereabouts. U.S. Marshals believe that Dion returned to the Atlanta, Georgia, area after fleeing St. Petersburg. He is still believed to be operating the stolen silver Hyundai Elantra, but he may have swapped license plates with another vehicle. 

"In that letter he also talks about committing suicide," Cargill explained.

Investigators said Dion also changed his physical appearance shortly before fleeing St. Petersburg, getting a haircut and a shave. His physical appearance may continue to vary, but he is known to have a small, but noticeable, horizontal scar in the middle of his forehead, and is also described as having very bad teeth, almost black in color.

Dion is described by authorities as being highly intelligent. He has strong computer skills and is known to fix computers for friends and associates, sometimes in exchange for money. He is talented on the piano, speaks French, and is intereste in art, photography and music. He smokes Camel cigarettes, but normally smokes only half the cigarette. He may be in possession of stamps or postcards stolen from his dead father's collection, and may attempt to sell or pawn these items. He is likely living in his stolen vehicle, and may seek remote locations to park it. He may also seek to use public WiFi connections at coffee shops, libraries or unsecure WiFi at residential locations.

"We will find Matthew Dion, if it takes us forever, we will do it," Cargill said.

He made a promise to bring the fugitive to justice, while Kinney made a plea to the man who grew up in his backyard.

"Turn yourself in, face the consequences," Kinney said.

A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to Dion's location and arrest. He should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees him or knows of his whereabouts is urged to call U.S. Marshals in New Hampshire at 603-225-1632.

Composite images of what Dion might look like, plus an image of the vehicle he may be driving, are included below:

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