Police: Monkey on the Loose in Bellows Falls, Vermont

A resident reported seeing the animal cross the road on Monday

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There's a monkey on the loose in Vermont. At least that's what police in Bellows Falls are saying after they received a report of a monkey sighting from a resident on Monday. 

According to NBC5, the man told police he saw the animal on Route 121 near Back Westminster Road. He said the monkey crossed the road in front of him. A second person reported seeing it but didn't report it until hearing about the other sighting.

The department first reported the sighting on its Facebook page Tuesday, but deleted the post on Thursday morning.

Police Chief Ron Lake told NBC5 things have "gotten too out of hand." He said he's been bombarded with media requests asking for comment, and he was not willing to talk about the investigation.

He said his unwillingness to discuss the investigation did not mean the monkey had been found. But he said he regrets the original Facebook post about the reported sighting.

Anyone with information about the monkey can contact the Bellows Falls Police Department at 802-463-1234.

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