Weekend Is Split..Again!

For as much cloud cover that we had today, you'd think we'd be able to muster up more than a few sprinkles or light showers. But instead, it was mostly a bleak gray that hung around Southern New England through the afternoon. Northern New England, however had a sneak peak of what's to come for tomorrow as the sun busted through.

Indeed, tomorrow lives up to all expectations for a summery day: highs in the 80s away from the coast, tons of sun and tolerable humidity.

While Sunday may disappoint, this rain is "badly needed". I know you've heard that before, but this is a critical time in the warm season. If we miss out on this water, our chances for slipping into a drought are more significant heading into mid/late summer. This is because by July and August we rely on scattered thunderstorms to provide us with water. And you know by living here, they can leave one town/city soaked, and the one just next door bone-dry.

So we welcome it (not like we have a choice). Timing brings the steady rain in here during the early-morning (Western Mass. & VT) to early afternoon (Maine). The rain becomes heavy throughout the evening and into the overnight. We could even see some strong thunderstorms pop up over Southern New England as the warm front crosses Sunday night. Then, it'll be gone like a shot on Monday morning as the sun pushes back in and the temperatures warm.

Speaking of temps, while highs say upper 60s on Sunday, we will see the numbers collapse possibly to the upper 50s by afternoon as the cool wind blows in off the ocean. Certainly a good day to take it inside.

Warmth may be snuffed out long range too. After a warm start to the workweek, the cool air comes in for an extended stay late next week. Cool days, cool nights.

Summer heat takes a back seat.

Have a good weekend!

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