Winds Cranking Up From Nor'easter

The strongest period of wind overnight Wednesday may cause a few power outages around New England

As of Wednesday evening, the awaiting core of stronger wind is developing across the region.

Northeast winds have been gusting to 45 mph at Block Island, and about 40 mph in Boston, and with the storm center south of New England funneling air into its center of circulation, there's reason to believe wind will continue strengthening a bit into the overnight, bringing the strongest period of wind to Eastern New England between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Gusts may hit 55 mph in a few exposed coastal locales, and this would be enough to down a few tree limbs and/or power lines. so while widespread damaging wind is not anticipated, isolated outages are possible during the overnight.  Keep in mind this wind will also help to pull down plenty of leaves, making slick road conditions Thursday morning on rural roads.

Waves will also be churned along the coast, meaning some coastal splashover at high tide near midnight Wednesday night, expected again Thursday midday.

Below is the surface wind gust forecast around the time of strongest wind, near 11 p.m. Wednesday night:

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