Woman Wanted By Police After She Allegedly Helped Assault Juvenile While Also Filming It

The Quincy Police Department said it is aware of the 'disturbing video' that has been circulating the internet

A file photo of a Quincy Police cruiser.
NBC10 Boston

Police in Quincy, Massachusetts, are looking to arrest a woman after she allegedly participated in an assault on a juvenile while also recording the incident.

The Quincy Police Department said it is aware of the "disturbing video" that has been circulating the internet. Quincy District Court issued a warrant for the woman's arrest Friday morning, but officers have been thus far unsuccessful in locating the woman, police said.

"We will continue our efforts until she is apprehended," the department vowed in a statement posted to Facebook. "We will update you once the suspect has been taken into custody."

Police have not released the woman's name.

The police department added that court action is anticipated against others involved in this incident, as well.

Citing the ages of those involved, police said no further information can be released at this time but thanked those who have reached out to them privately.

Police also said they have removed all links to the video on their public social media pages, given that the victim is a juvenile.

Further details were not immediately available.

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