9 Teens Charged in $4K Hartford Convenience Store Damage Spree

Police charged one teen with inciting a riot.

Hartford convenience store surveillance
Hartford Police Department

Police have identified 27 of the 30 to 40 teens accused of causing $4,000 worth of damage to a Hartford convenience store last month and have arrested nine of them, including the suspected ring leader, who has been charged with inciting a riot, breach of peace and larceny.

The rowdy group of teens entered the Shell Gas Station at 335 Capitol Ave. on Saturday, Nov. 26 after leaving a party, damaged and looted the store, then took off, according to police.

An adult and juvenile then arrived at the store, took items and caused further damage, according to police.

Hartford police released surveillance footage and said they have identified several suspects thanks to their families, schools and the CTfastrak bus service.

Police said at least three parents brought their children to the police station to turn themselves in.

Deputy police chief Brian Foley said it is not the department's goal to go out and arrest a group of kids, but it's unfortunately a serious incident.

Police said they have identified 27 juveniles involved and not all will be arrested. The majority of those facing violations are being charged with larceny and criminal mischief. 

The manager of the Shell said he's happy families stepped up.

"I appreciate everyone calling me. It really makes me feel better, like I cannot believe that," Amir Orjani said.

Police said the kids will most likely get community service. 

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