At Long Last … The Snow Pile Has Melted

The snow pile that wouldn't go away has finally done just that.

Mayor Marty Walsh announced on Twitter on Tuesday morning that the massive snow farm in Boston's Seaport District has finally melted.

This winter, public works plowed 295,000 miles of roadway and removed over 40,000 truckloads of snow from city streets. Most of the snow was carried to Tide Street and surrounding snow farms, but Tide Street's snow remained until this week, when a stretch of warm temperatures finally did it in.

Walsh launched the Snow Melt Challenge last month, asking people to guess what date the snow would finally disappear. The prize was a meet and greet with the mayor himself.

The mayor said on Twitter on Tuesday that he'll announce the winners of the competition at 11 a.m. Wednesday at City Hall Plaza.

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