New England

Beautiful Stretch of Weather, But With Some Fog and Showers

After some morning fog, it turned into a wonderful Tuesday afternoon.

The remainder of this week will feature sea breezes, sunshine and morning fog. Temperatures inland will climb well into the the 70s. If you live along the coast, temperatures will quickly climb into the 60s during the morning and then drop into the 50s once the sea breeze moves in.

Wednesday morning will feature more fog. Fog will burn off by mid to late morning. Temperatures will climb well into the 70s inland and into the 60s on the coast. Skies will be sun-filled through the day.

Thursday into Friday will bring out next chance for showers. These showers really shouldn't get in the way of our beautiful stretch of weather. Most of the wet weather will be confined between sunset Thursday and sunrise Friday.

A warm front will lift through over the weekend, which will keep the shower chances going Saturday and Sunday. The showers won't be enough to cancel your outdoor plans, but you might need to temporarily head inside until they pass.

Our temperature forecast will be difficult next week. With the warm front moving through over the weekend and a backdoor cold front nearby, we're expecting a wide range in temperature. Parts of New England will climb into the 80s, other parts of New England will be stuck in the 50s with clouds and showers. Even if you're in the warm sector, humidity will be high enough to trigger a few afternoon thunderstorms. Stay tuned!

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