Belichick Tweaks Raiola After Cut Block

Bill Belichick points out that Dominic Raiola has 'never beaten us.'


On Sunday, Lions center Dominic Raiola took issue with the Patriots' scoring fourth-quarter touchdowns in a game that had long been decided, and took it upon himself to dispense some vigilante justice in the form of a cut block on the game's final play.

He even admitted as much afterwards.

"I cut him," Raiola said. "We took a knee, so I cut the nose (tackle). "They went for six (a touchdown). They went for a touchdown at 2 minutes. They could have took three knees and the game could have been over. It's football. He wants to keep playing football, let's play football. Not a big deal. It's football."

Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked about the incident on Monday. He summed things up in the most Belichickian understated, backhanded -- and ultimately hilarious -- way possible.

“I’m sure there was a lot of frustration there from Raiola," the coach said. "That was obvious," he said. "He’s never beaten us. He had a tough day in there dealing with [Vince] Wilfork and [Dont’a] Hightower and those guys.

"I’d say that was probably frustration. We saw a lot of that at the end of the game -- [Tahir] Whitehead on [LeGarrette] Blount’s touchdown, [C.J.] Mosley on the personal foul on the field goal.”

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