Candidates Make Final Push Ahead of Election Day

Gubernatorial hopefuls Democrat Maura Healey and Republican Geoff Diehl are among those making their final appeals to voters

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We are just two days before Election Day and Massachusetts candidates are making their final push to get your vote.

It’s been a busy weekend for candidates on both sides of the aisle.

At Mechanic’s Hall in Worcester Sunday night many in the GOP attended what is for many of them the last big rally before elections.

A roster of Republican candidates echoed final messages to voters.

“It’s a big huge tsunami of a red wave, it’s going to crash on Beacon Hill, and it’s going to flush and wash that corruption out of there and take it all away,” James McMahon, a Republican running for attorney general, said.

A few others made jokes and false claims about climate change, including the line that climate change does not exist in Massachusetts.

Many eyes are on the race for the commonwealth’s top executive office.

“We’re seeing, in my opinion, great momentum across the state. People are aware of us, the signs are out there, the activity that we’ve got going on is great,” gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl said.

The former state representative now running for governor on the Republica ticket said he’s excited. He’s campaigned on economic and health care freedom.

“A lot of people were fired because of the vaccine mandate. I want to give state jobs back to everybody who lost their job. On day one we’ll return them there,” he said.

On Saturday Diehl’s democratic challenger, Attorney General Maura Healey, hosted a canvas kickoff in the city’s Elm Park.

“People are tired of the noise, tired of the vitriol. They see what's happening across this country and too many looking to divide,” Healey said.

Affordability concerns and delivering for the people are two priorities she says are on her ticket.

“Let's deliver for people. Let's bring people together, let's work on solving problems and moving us forward."

Recent polls show Healey with a significant lead in the governor’s race.

Monday is the last day for candidates to campaign before voters hit the polls. Many have already voted through mail-in ballots or early voting options.

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