Landscapers Change Gears, Prepare for Snow

With heavy snow expected to fall across New England, landscaping companies that had been gearing up for spring cleaning are reattaching those plows and getting ready for what could be a 36-hour shift.

A week ago, some warm weather allowed Andrew Pelkey's employees at North Point Outdoors in Derry, New Hampshire, to start some landscaping.

"The guys enjoyed the nice weather," Pelkey said.

But on Monday, inside their garage, they were finishing up last minute repairs on the heavy equipment while crews outside reattached snow plows to the pickup trucks.

"Just finalizing those final details and getting ready for tomorrow," Pelkey said.

It's the same story over at Giant Landscaping in Manchester. It's been a good season for both companies, but this massive mid-March storm is setting spring jobs back several weeks.

"I don't see it happening before April 1 at this point," said Giant Landscaping owner Tim Boyle.

"It would've been nice to get outside a week or two earlier because the spring is a big crunch for us," Pelkey explained.

Instead, they're stocking up on sleep and preparing for a long day as soon as the snow starts to fall, hopeful that melting is up next on Mother Nature's to-do list.

"One last big storm of the season won't kill us, we will get through it," Pelkey said.

Pelkey says their entire 120-ton salt pile will be gone by Wednesday morning.

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