Legal Implication of Charges Against Robert Kraft

As Patriots owner Robert Kraft faces charges of solicitation, a legal expert is weighing in about the ramifications that would come if he is convicted.

Robert Kraft has denied involvement in any illegal activity. He was accused of the misdemeanor charges Friday in Jupiter, Florida. Authorities said he solicited a prostitute at a spa now tied to human trafficking. At least two dozen other people are also facing charges.

NBC10 Boston's legal analyst said Kraft's status as a widower could end up helping his case.

"He lost his wife a few years back. He's a single individual who, despite all the fame and fortune, is lonely," Coyne said. "His body of work and present situation makes him a sympathetic individual and he may like face a softer brand of justice."

Coyne said the video evidence that authorities claim shows Kraft participating in the alleged sexual acts could be the smoking gun and will be difficult to overcome. However, even if he ends up being found guilty, he is not likely to face any jail time.

"He's a first time offender. These charges are often times treated with a fine and maybe some community service," Coyne said.

Coyne said it is Kraft's reputation that may suffer the most. He said Kraft could take the case to trial, but more details would likely come out in the process, and that may not be a risk Kraft is willing to take.

"The fact is the Kraft family, the Patriots and the Kraft brand doesn't want a lot of these facts to see the light of day," Coyne said.

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